Friday, April 6, 2007

New Contact Information on Surnames Page

I have added some more contacts to our Surnames Page. Some are only e-mail address, but there are a couple of links to some surname websites, too, namely the VanTINE (VANTINE, VANTYNE, FONTEYN) and ENDERS families.

If you have Atlas Township ancestors or relatives with the following surnames, there is at least one other person researching the same line: ALDERMAN, BARBER, CHENEY, CROTHERS (CRATHERS, CRUTHERS), DEMAREE (DEMAREST), ENDERS, HORTON, HURST, LISCOM, MANCOUR, RIES, STAHLMANN, SWEERS (SWEARS), VanTINE (VANTINE, VANTYNE, FONTEYN), WARREN and YORK.

There will more additions forthcoming. I'm still waiting to hear back from a number of people for their permission to add their contact information to the website.

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